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Solitario spider
Solitaires & cards
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Solitario spider
Welcome to the best solitaire Spider for smartphone and tablets.

Welcome to the best solitaire Spider for smartphone and tablets.

This new solitaire of MijoriSoft is the classic card game to which the Windows operating system gave fame, but now, adapted for smartphones and with a design specially created so that the letters look good and can be manipulated with precision in small devices.


To play the solitary spider (spider) you have to take into account four very simple rules: - The game is played with 8 decks in which there are only cards from AS to K of hearts suit.

- At the start of the game, we are shown 10 piles of cards with the top card uncovered; and 5 more piles (each with ten cards covered) - At any time, we can take a letter or several (uncovered) and move them to another pile, as long as the first card we move is consecutive to the letter above the pile in which we want to place it.

- When moving a letter, if the visible letter is covered, it automatically uncovers.

- If at any time, we can not make any movement, then we can click on one of the piles of the hand, and an uncovered card will be added on top of each of the ten piles of play.

- The objective of the game is to complete a full ladder, from K to AS, and when we achieve it, it automatically regroups and removes the ladder.

- When we have managed to complete the 8 stairs, the game will be over.


Play without haste, and if you do not have time to finish the game, you can continue at any time, because when you reopen the game, the game will continue where you left off.


You can play competing with the other players ... will you be able to overcome them?


To facilitate the resolution of games, this version of the game provides various aids, which can be activated or deactivated depending on the player's preferences.

- "Undo" key: Allows you to undo the last movement.

- Visual aids: After 15 seconds of inactivity, highlight a letter that can move.

- Movement with one click: Allows you to automatically move a card to its new position, with just one click.

NOTE: The activation of any of the aids or their use, can imply a penalty in the points obtained during the game.


It is allowed to orient the screen to the preferences of the player: - Vertical view: The classic view.

- Horizontal view (landscape), in which the letters appear larger, greatly facilitating their manipulation in small devices.


The game environment can be configured to facilitate the solitaire's playability and adapt to our preferences or tastes.

- Right or left handed view: Allows you to position the deck to the right or to the left to facilitate the game for right- and left-handed players.

- Allows to change the appearance of the cards and the board

- Activate and deactivate the sound effects


The solitaire game Spider (spider) is available in five languages.

- Spanish

- English

- French

- Italian

- Portuguese.


This version of the Spider solitaire has been designed and created by MijoriSoft with the collaboration of NotyxGames Barcelona, ??February 2015